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High School Instructors
Below is a list of all of CVCC's High School Instructors and their contact information. If you'd like to learn more about them and the classes they teach, please click on their website link or their link to the left.
Averre, Tim
Vo. S. E.
Office: 440-746-8252
Bodnar, Bernadette
Transition Coordinator
Office: 440-746-8275
Clements, Lisa
Medical Administrative Specialist Instructor
Office: 440-746-8334
Dailey, Mark
Fire & EMS Academy Instructor
DeGirolamo, Dino
Integrated Language/Arts Instructor
Office: 440-838-8856
DeSantis, Tina
Cosmetology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8257
Ellis, Diane
Health Careers Instructor
Office: 440-746-8154
Everhart, Josephine
Education Professions Instructor
Office: 440-746-8217
Fahey, Shawn
Sports Medicine & Exercise Science Instructor
Hance, Jason
Building & Prop. Maint. Instructor
Office: 440-746-8342
Haser, Penny
Transistion Coordinator
Office: 440-746-8213
Jakubczak, Julie
Social Studies Instructor
Office: 440-746-8240
Koenig, Gerald
Power Equipment Technology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8290
Lamatrice, Joe
Auto Service Technology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8264
Little, Jami
Program Software Dev. Instructor
Office: 440-746-8247
Mangan, Connie
Media Center Specialist
Office: 440-746-8122
McNamara, Stacey
Job Training Coordinator
Office: 440-746-8341
Mrs. Stacey McNamara is the teacher for Transition to Work. 
 Mrs. McNamara is a graduate of Kent State University, both for undergrad and graduate degrees, as well as the Transition to Work Endorsement.
Mrs. McNamara has been in special education since 2000, teaching at the primary, middle, and high school levels. Since obtaining her TTW Endorsement, she has spent most of her time in a career center focused on finding meangingful employment for students in special education services.
Mrs. McNamara has teamed with professionals all across the state and believes in the power of collaboration and learning what colleagues are doing that is impactful and exciting. 
She currently sits on the Governing Board for the Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County and has previously served on the board for Ohio Association of Job Training Coordinators.  
She lives with her husband, son, and daughter, and loves cooking, exercising, and all sorts of performing arts!
McNamee, Joseph
Electrical Systems Instructor
Office: 440-746-8313
Mone, April
Hospitality Instructor
Office: 440-746-8236
Moore, Tim
Computer Networking Academy Instructor
Office: 440-746-8861
Mormile, Marilyn
Cosmetology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8289
Morton, Kim
Culinary Arts Instructor
Office: 440-746-8292
Munro, Melissa
Digital Design Instructor
Office: 440-746-8347
Nicodemus, Todd
Math Instructor
Office: 440-746-8336
Nonno, Angela
Math Instructor
Office: 440-746-8219
Parrott, Rich
Machine Technology Instructor
Office: 440-838-8927
Pinkava, Rick
Engineering Technology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8344
Rechner, Kim
Riddle, Laurie
Transition Coordinator
Office: 440-746-8295
Robusto, Laurie
School Nurse
Office: 440-746-8220
Ruebensaal, Patrick
Graphic Imaging Technology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8346
Russo, Charles
Auto Service Technology Instructor
Office: 440-746-8263
Schentur, Joan
Language Arts Instructor
Office: 440-746-8278
Schoeffler, Matt
Heating and Air Conditioning Instructor
Office: 440-746-8312
Sommer, Erol
Vo. S. E.
Office: 440-838-8857
Hello, I'm Mr. Sommer!
I am a VoSE (Vocational Special Educator) here at CVCC. I assist with the implementation of  IEP and 504 plans for students enrolled in the programs listed at the bottom of this page.  I act as a liaison between CVCC and the other members of the IEP team.   Hopefully, I was a part of the IEP team prior to a student's entry at CVCC.   I hold a copy of the IEP or 504 document at CVCC and ensure that our instructors are aware of individual student's needs and accommodations,
I also help to implement accommodations in various ways like providing a quiet small group testing environment, or by reading materials aloud for students,    I like to help students find ways to be successful in their chosen field.  My approach is to focus on their abilities so they can access as much of the curriculum as possible.  
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call.  Email is often best since I'm frequently away from my desk.
Below is a list of the CVCC Program areas that I serve:
  • Archetectural and Mechanical Design
  • Computer Networking Academy
  • Construction Trades
  • Digital Design
  • Electrical and Alternative Energy Systems
  • Graphic Imaging Technology
  • Media Arts
  • Programming and Software Development
Soto, Efrain
Auto Body Instructor
Office: 440-746-8265
Spano, John
Science Instructor
Office: 440-746-8309
Standley, Jennifer
Vo. S. E.
Office: 440-746-8294
Symons, Alice
Hospitality Instructor
Office: 440-746-8236
Theodore, Lisa
Dental Assisting Instructor
Office: 440-746-8259
Vachon, Victoria
Science Instructor
Office: 440-746-8330
Valukievic, Patty
Health Careers Instructor
Office: 440-746-8343
VanTilburg, Bernie
Media Arts Instructor
Office: 440-746-8123
Visnick, Lauren
Math Instructor
Office: 440-746-8219
Ward, Erik
Computer Aided Design Instructor
Office: 440-746-8345
Ward, Irene
Electrical Systems Instructor
Office: 440-746-8313
Wracher, Melinda
Sales and Service Instructor
Office: 440-746-8250
Yuravak, Paul
Construction Trades Instructor
Office: 440-746-8297
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