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Success Academy

Instructor: Dino DeGirolamo
Office: Tech ll Up
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Phone: 440-838-8856

Course Syllabus

Success Academy Syllabus, 2022-2023

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center 


The course will cover topics to include Social and Emotional Skills, Postsecondary and Career Preparation, Financial Literacy, Information, Media and Technological Literacy, Health and Wellness Literacy, Business Readiness Skills, Ethics and Legal Practices, Safety, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Economics, Entrepreneurial Concepts, and Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Emphasis will be placed on the topics within standards that focus on attaining a job/career.

Throughout the year this class time will also be used to monitor, remediate, and counsel students to support them as they progress through high school.



Various resources will be used throughout the year to include, articles, videos, textbooks, and the internet.


It is each student’s responsibility to come to class prepared. In addition to being in proper uniform, I expect the following items to be brought to class each day.

Pass Book, Paper, pencil, 3-ring binder (located in file cabinet in our classroom).



 The entire student population at CVCC in in a uniform appropriate for their class. The Success Academy will be wearing a grey polo shirt and/or a black zip-up hooded sweatshirt..  These are included in you class fees of $55.00.


Your grade in this class will be made up of the following:

                        70% - Employability, Attendance, Classwork, Preparedness – Students will 

receive a grade daily in this class.  Grades may cover class assignments, use of time for intervention/exploration, time to work on assignments, class participation or class projects. If the work done in class cannot be made up on an individual basis outside of class, you can complete an alternate assignment found on classroom in order to capture the missed points.

                        30% - Tests and quizzes as well as larger projects will be entered here.




 Excessive absences will result in failure of the course. A valid excuse is required before any make-up work will be accepted.  Refer to your handbook for official attendance policies.



Classwork is not given to keep you busy.  It is assigned so you the student can practice concepts that will enable you to find success. I use the following guidelines when evaluating late assignments.

  • ISR is not an excuse for not completing assignments. It is your responsibility to get your assignments prior to spending time in ISR.  The best way to fix this is by not being there in the first place.
  • Each day absent allows for a day to make up the missed work.  However, it would be to your advantage to make up the work immediately in order to catch back up.


I adhere to the board approved policies located in your student handbook. 

Daily requirements are student handbook (Students must have their student handbook with them to utilize a pass.), uniform, and writing utensil. Students not having these items will have their daily grade (Employability) reduced by half.

I do not allow the use of cell phones in my class at any time.  I do not want to see them out or being used. If there is a need for a parent phone call, they can contact my room directly or you can use the phone to call out. If I do see them out, your daily grade will be reduced by half.  I treat my classroom as a work environment. Cell phones are not allowed.  

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