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Pickle Power Information

Pickle Power Press Release

"Pickle Power" in an initiative that promotes civility and common decency.  The "Pickle Revolution" is a student-lead movement where students recognize others in the school or the community for their "Pickle Worthy" actions and words.  


According to program instructor, Josephine Everhart, “It is important for students to realize that their words and actions do make a difference in the lives of each person they come in contact with.  Tracking the ‘Pickle Powerful’ actions and words provides an opportunity to see how far their positive words and actions have traveled.”  The “Pickle Revolution” is this generation’s way of bringing back common decency and civility towards others.  Pickle Power! 
To receive a "Pass the Pickle" ticket, one must be seen performing a "Pickle Powerful" action such as being:  civil, caring, compassionate,  polite, friendly, accepting, courteous, caring, thoughtful, sympathetic, tolerant, pleasant, thoughtful, understanding, or considerate. 

When a “Pass the Pickle” ticket is given, the recipient records their pickle number and action at then passes the pickle along to the next “Pickle-worthy person.”  Each new recipient records the number and describes their “Pickle Powerful” action.  They can check the website as often as they like to see if their “Pickle Actions” have traveled to each continent.
Brought to you by the Teaching Professions program at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center in Brecksville, Ohio.  To be part of the Pickle Revolution, contact Mrs. Everhart at (440) 746-8217. 


Pickle Power Video

Pickle Power Tracking Survey
Pickle Power Tracking
Complete the form below for others to see how far your pickle has travelled.

Pickle Number
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To validate your submission, please answer the following math problem:

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Look here to see how far your pickle has travelled.

Pickle Power Tracking

Pickle Date

Pickle Number Pickle Location Reason for Receiving the Pickle Name  Pickle Mamma Comment 
2-12-13 000 Brecksville  Pickle Power Begins Today!    
9-13-13    861 Brecksville  Being civil    Thank you for being civil.
9-18-13 914 Northfield Being kind and helpful  Chris  I am proud of you!
9-20-13 921   Brecksville Reported domestic violence and returned a lost wallet     Now those are Pickle Worthy Actions!!
 4-25-14 1511  Richfield Being Caring and Positive  Jessica  Love your disposition!
 4-21-14 1209 Streetsboro Was nice to Bill.  Does not happen often! Angela The beginning of a new trend:)
 4-10-14 1539 Richfield  Sharing  Linda  Nice job!
 5-18-15  008  Northfield Helping a friend pick up books.  Josh What a kind thing to do!!!
 10-30-15 013 Amherst Just being a Mom.  Janice You must be caring to receive a pickle:)
 11/16/16  1604  Twinsburg  Saying something nice.    Kindness is its own reward.
 11/16/16  1603  Twinsburg 1st to receive from  teacher.  Caylie  Pretty special!
 2/28/17 1180      Twinsburg Found on the ground    Thank you for caring for the environment!
 4/25/17  1192 Strongsville Killing a giant spider in the office!  Ryan  You are a brave man!
 10/4017  1365  Independence  Congrats Luke!  You got a pickle shout out!  Dad  
11/23/18   6504  N. Royalton Gettinng a good sub review.  Catie  You must be good working with children.  Bet you will be a good teacher.
4/23/18 6718 Garfield Heights Doing good on  field trip.  Miguel Great!  Keep listening ad learning!
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