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Instructor: Lisa Theodore
Phone: 440-746-8259
Lisa Theodore
Ms. Theodore is the Dental Assisting Instructor at CVCC and has taught here since 1999.
In each of her classes, Ms. Theodore uses direct instruction and real-life experiences to provide the skills students need to pursue a successful career in the dental assisting industry.
Welcome to Dental


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Students in CVCC's Dental Assisting Program

The Future is Bright for Dental Assistants

Over the past 16 years, I've had the pleasure of working with students from Cuyahoga Valley Career Center - and the relationship has always been a symbiotic one. (Click "Read More" to view Dr. John White's blog in its entirety.)
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Lisa Theodore

Professor Profile - Lisa Theodore

Not too many instructors can comfortably list "Singer of Jingles" on their Curriculum Vitae. But for Dental Assisting Instructor Lisa Ann Theodore, C.D.A., R.D.A, noted performer of little ditties such as "Drill, Fill & Bill" - it's just another part of the job.
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CVCC'S Dental Assisting's Attendance Policy

Why must your child go to school regularly?
Having a good education will help to give your child the best possible start in life.
* If your child does not attend school regularly, he or she will not be able to keep up with the work.
* The attendance record is one of the first items employers consider when hiring an employee. Students who have not
attended school regularly have less chance of getting a good job.
* Young people who are off school without good reasons are at risk of becoming victims of crime or abuse. They may also be drawn into anti-social or criminal behavior.
Studies indicate that school attendance and involvement in school activities are two indicators of success beyond school. I believe that student success is my number one mission and that by enforcing a fair attendance policy, I equip my students with valuable life skills.
Here at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center ninety-five (95%) attendance is required in both the junior and senior years in order to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion. Test scores may reflect a passing grade, but the loss of instructional time caused by excessive absences could cause the student to fail.
The attendance record during the student's junior and senior year is also important in determining if and when a student may be eligible for early job placement.
Therefore, the following will be adhered to in the Dental Assisting Program.
1. If you miss more than 2 days per quarter or are tardy 3 times, you Will Not be eligible to participate in our outside activities during that quarter. Only exception will be death in a family or extended illness.
2. If you miss more than 2 days per quarter or are tardy 3 times, you Will Not be eligible to go on out-of-state field trips. Only exception death in family or extended illness.
3. Senors must have a "B" average at home school and at CVCC to participate in a Senior Field Trip.
Attendance and tardy requirements shall also be met. 

CVCC'S Dental Assisting's Classroom Procedures

1. Seniors will keep all textbooks in the desk drawers and the Juniors will keep all textbooks in footlocker. Seniors and Juniors will have a locked cabinet to store their models, custom trays, dies, etc.
2. You will need a notebook with pens and pencils in the drawers at all times. These will be used during lecture. You also need a 5 inch binder divided into sections for assignments etc.
3. No food or drink is to be kept in the classroom at any time.
4. Drawers are to be utilized for your plaster and castone models, x-ray mounts, inlays, dies, etc.
5. No textbooks are left in the drawers.
6. No purses or coats are to be kept in the classroom. These will be kept in your locker.
7. Drawers will be checked periodically for neatness and cleanliness.
8. All lab stools and chairs are to be pushed in when you are not sitting in them.
9. Housekeeping duties will be assigned on a weekly basis.
10. Keep white shoes off desk tops and drawers as this leaves unsightly marks.
11. Both feet belong on the floor at all times. Keep feet off desk tops, drawers, and chairs.
12. Chewing Gum will not be tolerated if the following is demonstrated: Bubbles, winding around fingers, stretching from mouth and constant unsightly chewing. If you are going to chew gum,then chew it so it can't be seen.
13. Only assignments pertaining to Dental Assisting will be done in the classroom.
14. Each student is to remain with assigned Lab Group.
15. The cleaning up of the classroom is everyone's responsibility. No One will change clothes until everything is cleaned and clean-up duties are checked off of the Lab Manager's progress sheet.
16. It will be your responsibility to vacuum daily. ( This duty is assigned.)
17. Drawers and cupboards are to be kept closed when not in use. Only the Lab Manager is allowed in the cupboards. (This duty is assigned.)
18. Remember, there are two (2) classes using this room. So let's leave it as clean as you would like to find it when you arrive.
19. Permission to leave the Dental area must be given by the instructor. A hall pass must be used and only one (1) student is allowed out of the area at all times. Please sign out and sign in on designated sheet,when leaving and returning to classroom, also recording the time. 

CVCC'S Dental Assisting's Safety Procedures

1. Safety glasses will be worn at all times in the following areas:
DENTAL LAB - At all times, and most important when working with rotary equipment

DENTAL CLINIC - At all times when working with patients and as a patient

CLASSROOM - When working with cements, models, custom trays, dies, and etc.

2. Shoes will be worn at all times.

3. All accidents must be reported.
4. There will be no horseplay in the classroom; No shouting across the room.
5. Uniforms will be worn daily. The dress code is set down with idea of safety and professionalism in mind. (It is your responsibility to have a uniform in the classroom at all times. You will not be permitted to work in the lab, take a test, or receive a daily grade without the proper uniform).
6. Hair must be neatly tied back or neatly arranged on top of the head before working in Dental Lab or Dental Clinic. Hair must not touch face when working in Dental Clinic. Hair must not hang down when working over Bunsen Burners or any Rotary Equipment.

7. Keep inflammable material away from the Bunsen Burner.

8. Equipment and material shall never be played with or used other than its intended purpose.

9. Students will not use equipment without instructor’s permission.

10. Students will not sit on or in dental chairs unless assigned to do for the purpose of demonstration. Proper use of equipment must be observed.
11. The school and/or instructor are not responsible for unauthorized and/or unsupervised use of dental equipment.

12. All drawers will be kept closed at all times when not in use.

13. Students are not to tilt back on chairs.

14. Do not plug in any equipment with wet hands.

15. It is advisable for all students to have adequate tetanus shots to guard against infection.

16. All students must have Hepatitis Inoculation before working with patients during their Senior Year.

CVCC'S Dental Assisting's Clean Up Procedures


Store and check equipment for cleanliness and damage daily

Make sure cupboards are neat and clean daily

Supervise general lab clean-up and lock cupboard doors at the end of the period daily
Dust Dental Unit and X-Ray Unit weekly

Wash sinks and counter tops daily

Vacuum daily

Put equipment away daily

Place chairs in upright position daily

Check carts for order and neatness daily

Place tray set-ups in holder daily
Be sure Dental Unit and Vacuum Unit are turned off daily

Place all refuse in wastepaper basket and empty daily

Wash sinks and tops daily

Place towels in towel bag daily

Sweep floor daily


Sweep floor daily

Clean mirror daily

Dust Locker tops and base weekly


Scour, wash and wipe dry daily; also clean counter tops(No white streaks)

Dust equipment, model trimmer, lathe, sterilizer, etc. weekly

Do not leave any work station equipment out daily


Scour, wash and wipe dry daily; also clean counter tops(No white streaks)

Dust equipment, model trimmer, lathe, sterilizer, etc. weekly

Do not leave any work station equipment out daily


Dust and vacuum daily

Clean windows and window sills daily


Sweep daily; mop weekly
Clean window and window sill weekly
C.O.W. (Computers On Wheels):
 Unlock/Lock C.O.W daily

Turn off/plug in all computers daily

Dust C.O.W. daily


Check Plaster and Castone Cans daily and fill if necessary

Wash Whiteboard daily


Be sure everything is put away daily

Wash and wipe dry (no white streaks) daily

Place stools underneath lab bench daily


Wash and wipe dry daily

Empty cubby holes daily


Floor in lab and classroom daily

CVCC'S Locker Room Procedures

1. All lockers must be locked with combination type locks provided.

2. Books, notebooks, and any small articles are to be kept in your foot locker.

3. Lockers must be kept locked when you leave the Locker Room.

4. No Food or Drinks to be consumed in the locker room.

5. Clean up your own area and put all waste paper, hangers, etc. in the proper containers.
6. No One is allowed in the Locker Room during class without permission.

7. Lockers are private – use only that locker that has been assigned to you.

8. Your locker combination will not be given out to any student under any circumstances regardless of the situation. Use your assigned locker for personal possessions.

9. No Senior student will be permitted in the department until 11:30AM

10. No student will be allowed to change clothes until ALL clean-up duties are completed.
Dental Assisting Endorsement


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