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Geometry Syllabus 2022-2023

Mrs. Angela Nonno

Room 243

Phone: (440) 746-8279


This course is designed for students who have passed Algebra I. Topics include the relationships between points, lines and planes; the axiomatic system; logical thinking and proof-writing; measurement, including area and volume; congruency; similarity; two and three dimensional geometric figures; parallel and perpendicular lines; and the coordinate plane. Applications and activities will be used to strengthen communication and problem solving skills. 


     It is each student’s responsibility to come to class prepared. Therefore, I expect the following items to be brought to class each day:

  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pencil with eraser (only work in pencil will be accepted)
  • Calculator (optional): You will be permitted to use calculators at the instructor’s discretion. A scientific calculator that has sin, cos, tan, square, square root and exponent keys is recommended. 



  • If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get caught up.  Missed notes, assignments and additional resources can be found on Google Classroom. Please refer to attendance policy in Student Handbook. 



Parents and students are encouraged to sign up for Remind using the class code provided. I will send Remind texts of assignments, upcoming tests/quizzes, etc. You may also download the Remind App or visit

To sign up for Remind, text: 81010   and enter class code: @nonnogeom when prompted. 




  • You will be considered tardy if you are not in your seat at the assigned class start time. 
  • To gain admittance to class you will either need a pass from the instructor/administrator that delayed you OR you will need to go to the attendance desk and get an unexcused tardy pass.


  • These are a privilege, not a right. If I feel these are being abused, I will refuse/revoke your passes.
  • Hall passes may not be used during the first or last 10 minutes of class. 


  • Late work will be accepted for 70% credit. 
  • No late work will be accepted after three weeks have elapsed from the date the missed assignment was due. 


Homework will be assigned and collected almost daily and need to be completed in pencil.  Math is a cumulative subject.  The concepts and skills covered in each lesson must be practiced to be mastered. You need to plan to spend time every day on your homework.  Time at the end of class will often be given to begin the assignment.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions! Please ask questions if you do not understand the material!

Homework is due at the start of the next class meeting and will be graded on effort and completeness only. The goal of math is not simply right answers but learning processes and logic. Therefore, each math problem must be written on the paper, the calculations and formulas written out showing the logic, and the answers circled.  Papers with just answers on them will NOT be accepted.  



  • Quizzes and/or tests will be given in both paper and online formats. 
  • Multiple quizzes will be given during each chapter, typically at least once a week.  They may or may not be announced ahead of time. 
  • Tests will follow each chapter, will be announced at least three days ahead of time and will be worth 100 points each. 
  • Students scoring a 90% or higher on tests or quizzes will earn a homework pass. Unused homework passes, can be turned in at the end of any quarter for 5 points of homework extra credit.  
  • All students have the opportunity to make test corrections. Students can earn ½ point back for each correction that is made accurately.  Students scoring below a 70% are REQUIRED to complete test corrections. 
  • In addition to chapter tests, a midterm will be given in January and a final exam in May. The midterm and final exam will count as 20% of the semester grade calculations.  
  • AIR – students will be required by the State of Ohio to take the AIR exam for Geometry this year. 


=         Projects may be added throughout the year as determined by the instructor.  

=         Projects will require time outside of class to complete.  


  • Students will earn 50 points per week completing daily warm-ups and exit tickets. These will be used to formatively assess student understanding.






  •  I encourage you to seek additional help, as it becomes necessary. Math continuously builds upon itself and if you have not mastered the current concepts, you will continue to fall behind. 
  • I am available at 7:30 am and after school until three (later by appointment). Please schedule a time with me in advance. 
  • The STAR room is also available daily for students needing extra help.            


=         All CVCC teachers are using the Progress Book grading system.  You can view your grade in this class, online, at any time.     

                Grade Calculation                                                 Grading Scale

=         Tests / Quizzes              50%                                  90–100% A

  •     Classwork/Homework/Projects             30%                                                                       80-89%    B
  • Warm-ups/Exit Tickets                                20%                                                                        70-79%   C

                                                                                                                                                                   60-69%   D

                                                                                                                                                                 59% and below  F 

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