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Academics - Science
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John Spano Mr. Spano
Victoria Vachon Mrs. Vachon
Credit: 1
The focus of this course is the study of motion, waves, energy, momentum, fluids, and thermodynamics. Physics is an inquiry-based curriculum designed to supplement the normal courses of study for students in the Engineering Technology class. Physics is a vital and integral cognitive component of all engineering related fields. The course has been designed with two distinct audiences in mind. First, for the student who intends to directly pursue employment in his or her field, the course will ready them with requisite knowledge to be a successful member of any workforce. Second, for the student who plans to further his or her education at the post-secondary level, the course gives them a basis in the fundamentals physics upon which a successful college experience can be built.
The secondary goal of any science course is to not only equip individuals with the information relevant to the course, but also instill in its students a thirst for inquiry. For it is not only the factual knowledge, but also the ability to reason through a problem and develop a logical conclusion that is expected of a valuable employee in any technical field, including engineering. The ultimate goal of this course is to give students factual knowledge and problem solving skills that are necessary for success.
Credit: 1
The focus of this science course is the study of the structure and function of human body systems, homeostasis, and diseases of the systems. For any health field you may enter, it is essential that you have a strong foundation in Anatomy & Physiology. If you go on to college health careers, you will be expected to take a college course in A&P. If you plan on entering the workforce directly after high school, then this will be the only chance you have to learn this material.
Credit: 1
This course addresses biological and chemical topics related to the field of culinary science. During the first semester, food safety and toxicology are discussed. Fundamental chemistry, including properties of water, is the primary focus of the third quarter. Third quarter topics also include nutrition, digestion, and food additives. The fourth quarter is devoted to the biochemistry of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates.
Biochemistry is closely aligned with college level courses that prepare students for careers in food industry, research, and nutrition science. The goals of this course are to provide a foundation in food science, allowing them to make informed choices relative to careers and/or further education.
Credit: 1
This course covers:
  • Electricity - fundamentals relative to the atom, properties of conductors and insulators, electrical quantities and equivalents, static electricity, and introduces the properties of magnetism
  • Environment - foundations of environmental science and related disciplines, environmental ethics, sociology, and economics, environmental policy and how it is implemented, the effects of population growth on the environment and resource consumption, resource management and sustainable consumption, methodology for constructing cities and urban centers that are sustainable and self-supporting, global climate change and the relationship to fossil fuel consumption, and solutions and alternatives for the problems and issues related to industrialization and the need for energy
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners material from two of the ten categories students will be responsible as part of the NABCEP PV Entry Level exam
Credit: 1
This course is conducted in the second semester during a two-period block. This course covers:
  • Anatomical terminology, body chemistry, basic levels of organization within the body, body systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatroy, immune, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive),  interactions of these systems and their disorders
  • Concept of disease, terminology related to disease, inflammation, integumentary system and disorders related to the integument
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