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Instructor: Josephine Everhart
Phone: 440-746-8217
Mrs. Everhart, M. Ed. is a National Board Certified Teacher and a Jennings Scholar. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Akron; Computer Science licensure from Cleveland State; Master's Degree and Administrative Licensure from John Carroll University. Her license include Comprehensive Business, VOED/COE Business, K-12 Computer Science, and K-12 Administration. Mrs. Everhart is the teacher for Teaching Professions and CVCC's VEX Robtics Mobile Lab.
During her twenty six years in education, Mrs. Everhart has held a variety of leadership roles in addition to her teaching assignments--Professional Development Committee, Resident Educator Coordinator, mentoring, senior recognition, the Children's Literacy Interactive Program; Educators Rising and CAMERA advisor. Additionally, she is actively involved with the Ohio Department of Education, the Department of Higher Education, and The Ohio State University in the development and refinement of the Teaching Professions curriculum as a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
In the classroom, Mrs. Everhart uses a variety of instructional techniques and weaves in life experiences to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to make connections between prior knowledge and current content. She makes learning fun!
Teaching Professions News and Events


Teaching Professions is transitioning to a two-year program.  Both sophomores and juniors can enroll for the 2018-19 school year.

For 2018-19 school year, current 10th graders can enroll in the junior program and current 11th graders can enroll in the senior program.  Those who enter the program in their junior year will remain in the program for two years.  Those who enter the program in their senior year will be in the program for the 2018-19 school year only.  The year of 2018-19 will be the only transition year with both sophomores and juniors enrolling.      

In 2019-20 the transition will end and Teaching Professions will be considered a junior/senior program.  Students who choose to enroll during their sophomore year will enter the program during their junior year and will continue in the program through the end of their senior year.  
Please note that some videos do NOT reflect the new changes of the 2018-19 transition year.  Any reference to "senior only" in any video is inaccurate and should considered as such when viewing.   Both juniors and seniors  ARE able to enroll in Teaching Professions for the 2018-19 school year.  
Call Josephine Everhart for additional information about Teaching Professions (440) 746-8217. 
Program Basics--video

Please go to the following site for a video* explaining the basics of the program.

*NOTE:  Please note that some videos posted do NOT reflect the new changes of the 2018-19 transition year.  Any reference to "senior only" in any video is inaccurate and should considered as such when viewing.   Both  juniors and seniors  ARE able to enroll in Teaching Professions for the 2018-19 school year.  
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What We Do
"I LOVEed this class."  Shi-Ann
"You learn even though you don't think you are.  Even if you are not going to be a teacher, you use what you learn.  Taking Teaching Professions was the BEST way to end my senior year."  Lauren 
"You are going to learn and be happy doing it because Mrs. Everhart is a zany and unconventional teacher!  You will be glad you took the class."  Jeremy
" motivated me in a positive way."  "... I am going to take that with me to college, along with all the incredible memories that were made in your class." Chandler
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