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Economics Tech II Up

MRS. JAKUBCZAK                                             
FALL 2017 OR SPRING 2018

This class is design to allow you to understand the study of economics and its role in our society. We will use this course as a tool for learning what economics is and how it affects your daily life. Understanding your economy, and how it works, will better enable you to influence its future. Each chapter will introduce you to a new topic or extend your knowledge of a previous topic. We will cover an introduction to economics, economic systems and the American Free Enterprise system. We will also cover how markets work by examining demand, supply, prices, and market structures. The class will also spend time working on personal financial topics such as budgeting, insurance, and other consumer information. Discussion of money, banking, and finance will also be presented. Emphasis will also be placed on mastery of content of any state-mandated tests that may be assigned.


- textbook

- a one-inch, three-ring binder with paper or a divided notebook and a folder with pockets

- a writing utensil

A textbook will be checked out to you for the semester. You are responsible for maintaining it in good condition and returning it to Mrs. Jakubczak at the end of the semester.


Your grade will be determined on scale established by Cuyahoga Valley Career Center of

90%-100%-- A

80%-89%-- B

70%-79%-- C

60%-69%-- D

0%-59%-- F

Your grade will be comprised of scores from tests/quizzes, participation in class during regular classtime as well as during current events, notebook grades, and homework/classwork assignments. 

We will spend part of the class exploring, discussing, and reacting to various topics involving Economics and current events. It is expected that all students participate and work together in a classroom that is conducive to freedom of expression and freedom from fear of repercussion from others. It is my expectation that discussion and classwork is authentic and complete. Students will work to continue to develop and hone the critical thinking skills they bring into the classroom. 


Following directions will be a target goal for the semester. Failure to follow written and oral directions and having to repeat directions costs time and money. Teaching students to listen to direction, to read directions, and to follow directions will be an educational goal for this class. Failure to follow directions will have consequences including loss of credit.

  • In addition to the rules and guidelines set forth in the student handbook, the rules are as follows:
  • Be ready to start class when the class period begins. Be prepared with pens, sharpened pencils, notebooks, books, etc.
  • Work from other classes will not be seen, unless directed by the instructor.
  • Disruptions during class will not be tolerated. Any student who engages in any disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the room. The student will report to the Assistant Principal’s Office immediately. Your parents will attend a conference/ be notified on the second dismissal.
  • There will be no communication (verbal or non-verbal) during a test period until all tests have been collected. Any communication with a student who is holding a test is considered cheating. Any cheating in any way on any item will result in a 0 being recorded with an additional 25 point penalty.
  • Students will be attentive during videos and films. Watch carefully. Put all other work away. DO NOT PUT YOUR HEAD ON THE DESK. Any violation will result in a loss of the use of notes for the next quiz or test.
  • Any student sleeping in class will be given a pass to the clinic to finish the nap. This will be counted as an absence.
  • Profanity, derogatory remarks, insulting comments, racial or ethnic slurs, obscene gestures or insinuations will not be tolerated.

Keep this Course Requirement sheet in your folder or binder for use throughout the semester.

Any substitute will have a pleasant day.

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